Photo by Sophia van den Hoek, Un-fold-ed

Photo by Sophia van den Hoek, Un-fold-ed

One tree, concerning a whole city, becoming an example on education, circular economy and social inclusiveness.

The 45 year old Abies Grandis that was brought in from Luxembourg in 2017 to be Rotterdams iconic City Hall Christmastree, became a model of a zero waste project. Laying new foundations with it’s culinary possibilities, teaching children from 12-20 years old a new point of view on nature.
Bloesembar curated the project, working with 3 educational institutions, creating delicious culinary products. Needle and bark, tip till trunk was used, resulting in a festive launch of the first product ‘ Coolsingel Spar Single Batch Syrup ‘.

Together with Horeca Vakschool Rotterdam as our host and 8 Rotterdam chefs and patissiers that created a dish with the product, it was a day of the old guard inspiring a new generation, not feeling boundaries of social restrictions, just a happy day as if it was Christmas.

The whole process was documented by students of Journalism from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. You can find their work and a whole lot more information on the project on this website they created:
And they have their own instagram account with images and text:

The trunk was gifted to two students of Hout&Meubilerings College. Working with the name ‘Gefixt door Bowy & Julian’ they created a chest for the Champ du Champ made from the needles.
This is their Instagram account:

Bloesembar created a wide range of products with every piece of tree reused. We harvested the needles with about 120 students from Horeca Vakschool, a group of volunteers from Motel Mozaique and many other people willing to spend some time with us in the cold storage. We were able to create syrup, wild fermentations, smoking chips and smoking dust, with a test on gin, paper and fragrance still ongoing.