Maidie van den Bos is a Rotterdam based entrepreneur, botanical sommelier and sensory and spatial artist.

She works with landscape and its relation to the human body. Maidie investigates how people move through, live in, and from
the land through cultural heritage, tradition, origins and elements.
Reading how nature reacts to mankinds interference, with it’s great strength and resilience, drinkable concoctions are created as a cure that make up for our current state of mind, as well as create awareness for our local and global enviroment. 



Maidie’s entrepreneurial work as Botanical Sommelier and mixologist is specialized in worldly foraged,

perfumed ingredients. communicating terroir, wild fermentations in high-end cocktails and mocktails


Ginger Hop&Honey

Appleblossom infusion

Nacht van de Kaap

Botanical Bar voor Gategroup, WTCE Hamburg Messe

Botanical Bar voor Gategroup,
WTCE Hamburg Messe


Artist in residencies, collaborations and site-specific research, resulting in sensory and spatial interventions, connecting landscape and body.

Often my work is set in theatrical surroundings, building experiences as a live performance artist and storyteller, or as spatial exhibitions capturing physical space or the imagination by scent, plants and sound. By working with old techniques of conserving our local surroundings, I apply my findings to my own body first, being a guineapig of the past and future treatments, as a patient on current life.

My artwork is found in potions and scents, as a way to experience time and place, surroundings and elements, bringing this back into our bodies, consciously caring for ourselves with natures strength. .


Proces. Tiengemeten

Club Imagine: Marx is back, Issue on money and capitalism

Journal London foragings

Coolsingel Spar lay-out

Coolsingel Spar lay-out


No longer our main business, but if we find great opportunity to bring out our knifes, pots and pans, we’ll cook our socks off.
In an experience where food, theatre, untrodden paths and future possibilities come together.
Only if we can reach beyond fuel for the human body, we care to provide food for thought.


Krachtvoer Naturalis
Foto: Eveline van den Bos

Wollewei garden, insectbar Naturalis. Foto: Nienke Koedijk Beeld

Eating theatre Festival aan de Dijk

Solid, liquid, vapour. Polar landscape dInner at TENT Rotterdam, in collaboration with Esther Kokmeijer

Since 2014 Bloesembar is proudly presented at outdoor events from the Rapido Record 1979 folding caravan.
As well as a great piece of design, it is a brewing lab, an atelier for longer term investigations and art projects through Europe,
a temporary home and a mobile bar.

The festive and smart folding caravan brings smiles on peoples faces and it’s a great
opportunity to share botanical drinks , favorably harvested on the location of the event